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Jacob "Jake" Kendrick- 
Owner & Dirty Job Specialist

Jennifer "Jen" Kendrick- 
Owner & Dirty Job Specialist

The "Jake"-Of-All-Trades AND The Bronze

Mr. Jacob Kendrick was a warehouse manager at Titan Wire and Cable for many years and previously a network programmer at NCR. With a degree in Computer Science, he has excelled at all aspects of computer technology. He received his degree from Cosumnes River College yet has always had a passion, strength and ambition for physical work, pleasing others and learning all aspects of mechanics to use in such situations as deemed necessary . Whether it was from his poverty stricken upbringing or just sheer determination, Mr. Jacob Kendrick has learned and is still learning many skills that are necessarily to embody a well rounded handyman and business owner.

Thus, Jacob is a hard-working warehousing/logistics professional with 6 years of experience running the efficient operation of company warehouses and storerooms. His background has included supervising staff, stock take, maintaining inventory levels, loading/unloading, organization, safe use of forklifts and other equipment, and dealing with multiple computer shipping managers/inventory software ALL WHILE ensuring the physical tasks of maintaining a large warehouse and customer satisfaction were met and exceeded company standards.

As warehouse manager at Titan Wire and Cable, he supervised a team of 21 staff and was responsible for training, instructing, motivating and ensuring that the companies quality control standards were being upheld at all times. 

In addition, Mr. Jacob Kendrick is a highly organized person, with strong time management, decision-making and problem-solving skills. In his previous position at Titan Wire and Cable, his role involved balancing many responsibilities, including maintaining stock levels and providing in person and over the phone customer service, in addition to staff management. With a strong commitment to safety in all his prior jobs, Jacob has been recognized by higher management as a leader in safety in a number of his roles. He has in-depth knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety and always follows Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Jacob’s qualifications have provided  theoretical framework for experience in the junk removal industry. 

When Jacob isn’t lifting 12’ logs or loading large trailers full of 1000’s of pounds of junk, he spends time with his wife of almost 10 years, Jennifer and his son, Nikolai (along with his 4 dogs and 2 cats)  hiking, biking and laughing in the Sierra Nevada or starting a fire and watching a movie with them both. Jacob is a professional, friendly, approachable yet strong and determined gentle giant who has a passion and thrives on manual labor, junk removal and organization.

The Webmaster/Marketing Brain AND The Bronze

Jennifer Kendrick is an owner and operator in and out of the field. She has experience as a great customer service provider and was a previous owner/partner that solely created  Holsworth Woodworks for over 7 years; a family owned and operated business in the SF Bay Area, California. Due to her father's disease and illness, she was forced to close the business in 2017 after her father's tragic passing.

Jennifer has several noted accomplishments with pre-med schooling,  lumber milling, furniture manufacturing, marketing, web design and SEO managing totaling to over 15 years of experience. From website design and administration all the way to loading 300lb slabs one after another into a truck; she can do it all. Additionally, Jennifer has vast experience in shipping cross country and internationally along with the relations to those customers on a follow up basis with recognition for the work they have done with the lumber provided by Holsworth Woodworks.

Having a knack for any and all green production, she has dabbled in all aspects (and more) from maintaining, refinishing, refurbishing, and renewing something that most would say is junk but in her eyes it’s treasure for another. With the help from her father to learn finances and business relations, she has excelled extremely well in many aspects that make her a great business owner and professional junk hauler, marketing manager, customer relations manager and re-conditioner.

As a previous owner and partner to one family business to this one, Jennifer has the intellectual background to make a company succeed in any industry. Having designed and marketed J.N.J Home Works and the business map that embodies it, she has the ability to make any and all customers happy with our services we offer for the prices that can beat any other company in the field.

Having a mobile business and relocating to the Butte Fire in Calaveras County the first day it started, only to help the victims of the disaster, she, Jennifer was all over it. Jennifer sprang into action, being right there to help any and all in need for their unfortunate losses to their homes and properties. Putting forth thousands of dollars in donations and free hauling to those in need, Jennifer really put J.N.J Home Works on the map in a disaster zone when her only intentions was to volunteer our help.

Jennifer is not only a hard working business woman, but she is a hard working mother to her son, age 7: Nikolai Kendrick, and her husband, Jacob Kendrick. Putting food on the table for her two boys every day, and teaching them both to behave, pay attention and not break things, can be quite a task. Somehow at the end of each day, she manages them and the company with flawlessness in all aspects. 

When Jennifer is not working on the companies as well as studying medical case studies, and her family development and future, she takes all the time she can to enjoy with her son and husband of  over 12 years. She uses this free time to do her passions such as long distance running, hiking, biking, playing with her dogs and cat and remodeling their new home on 2.5 acres in Silver Springs, NV. 

While Jennifer can be a bit of a control freak she is great at getting what she needs done on time. That determination, passion and hardcore work has never let her customers down. Please feel free to check out her family and business ideals or just call to ask any questions you may have and what she can provide for you and yours.

Jacob and Jennifer are owners of this fully licensed, bonded, insured and 5 star accredited junk removal, residential/commercial cleaning company in Nevada.